[CURRENT] Kink Meme Four

Katekyou Hitman Reborn! Kink Meme Four!
Welcome to the meme!
Please read Da Rules before posting. And by "please," I mean, "You must."

1) Keep non-anonymous comments to a minimum. This is an anonymous meme, please respect that.
2) No fighting or wank. IP logging has been turned on, and I will ban IPs that cause trouble.
3) Respect the Fill-Only Time. We pause requests for several reasons, and disregarding that makes it harder for everyone.
4) Don't go past thirding. Seconding a request is great encouragement, but it can get to be too much, too easily.
5) Fill a request that pings you. If you're inspired, write it or draw it, and share it with everyone!

Prompts should include at least one character and a kink. Not sure what constitutes a kink? Check out this list of kinks for help- or ideas!

During Fill-Only Time, you may post fills and comments, but new requests will be deleted.
We have no Fill-Only Times planned at the moment.

Special Notice!
You have decided on which fics were the very best from the Third Kink Meme! Check them out here!

Update Dec. 8, 2018: The Kink Meme is still Up!
Feel free to post requests and fills, but be aware I will no longer actively check on this blog (several reasons, none of them interesting). I might get around to backing up the files but I can't make any promises. I will still check the Tumblr on occassion, unless I ditch that platform, but with increasing censorship there, too, I won't be doing much with it.

If anyone wants to take this LJ and the Tumblr sideblog off my hands, feel free to send me a message (use the Tumblr, it's linked off something I see somewhat frequently).
And more importantly, here are back-up files of some of the fics I saved off the old memes!
Kink meme 1 compiled by yuidirnt
Kink meme 2, partial (I didn’t get very far on kink meme 2, but there’s a good variety of pairings in the stories I did have saved.)

~Please refrain from using number shorthand without also stating the character names.~
Many people new to the fandom do not know the numbers for each character, so it's polite to include the names. There is also more than one system in the English-speaking fandom and they overlap numbers in ridiculous and confusing ways. Therefore, think of your fellow fandom members, and don't use the numbers alone.

Reborn! Anon NonKink Meme!

The Katekyou Hitman Reborn! Anon Meme!

Tired of sex? Can't write sex? Welcome to the non-kink part of the meme! Please follow these guidelines for posting.

1) Keep non-anonymous comments to a minimum, since this is an anonymous meme.
2) No wank. IP logging is turned off; please don't make us turn it on.
3) Seconding and thirding is fun and all, but DON'T GO PAST THIRDING. If we see any abuse of this, we may ban it altogether. So please don't abuse it.
4) Requesting is all good and all but please do find the time and courtesy to fill some other anon's request. :)

Prompts should include a pairing, threesome, or orgy of characters, and a prompt.

Need to contact a mod? Please visit the catch-all post with any questions, concerns, or anything that needs our direct attention!

Remember this is the non-kink part of the meme. So basically just a plain request post. If you feel like heading back to the other part of the meme click here.

Unfilled/Filled list is located here! It's just a start for now, but we'll get more organized in the future.

Reborn! Anon Kink Meme!

The Katekyou Hitman Reborn! Kink Meme 3!

The meme is now closed to requests. Please visit Kink Meme Four to post any prompts you think of. This meme is still open for commenting and filling requests.

You can find the list of unfilled prompts from the second kink meme here: Part 1/Part 2. A list of filled requests from that meme is here if you want to revisit your favorites.

List of Current Unfilled Requests Part 1/Part 2/Part 3 // List of Current Filled Requests
The current filled lists will continue to be updated.
 Fill-Only Time is Now~
You may post fills and comments, but new requests will be ignored.
Visit Kink Meme Four for the current, functional meme.


The Yaoi Unfilled page is FULL.
I cannot add any more to it due to Livejournal limitations. I WILL NOT MAKE A SECOND YAOI PAGE. I REFUSE.
Please help me out and fill some yaoi prompts so I can fit them on one page.

Tired of sex? Visit the nonkink section of the meme here.